Jobs Board Community Guidelines

NC Nonprofit Careers is a statewide site for employers and job seekers specifically looking for nonprofit career opportunities in North Carolina. Nonprofit employers can post job openings and internship opportunities. The jobs board receives over 600,000 pageviews each calendar year.

Close a Job Post for a Filled Position

Congratulations on filling your organization's vacant position! Now that your job post on the Center's website is no longer necessary, you have several options:

  1. Immediately stop the flow of incoming applicants by editing your job post's title to say "Closed" or a similar indicator. Additionally, remove your organization’s contact information from the 'How to Apply' and the 'Job Description' fields.
  2. Contact the Center to request the job post be unpublished completely. Please specifically name or link to which job post you want taken down if you have more than one job post active on the website.

Renew a Job Post for Another 60 Days

Some critical roles at your organization are tough to fill and take longer to find a good match. If you need to renew your job post for another 60 days, login to the user account used to create the job post, navigate to the post under your accounts 'Orders' tab or find the post on the jobs board itself, and then click the 'Renew' button.

Disclose Salary Range

The North Carolina Center for Nonprofits values equity, diversity, and inclusion. As such, we encourage organizations posting jobs on NC Nonprofit Careers to include the salary range for the advertised position in the 'Salary Range' field. For details of why posting compensation is an EDI best practice, see NTEN's article, You're Not Serious about Equity if You Don't Post Salaries.

Job Post Content Guidelines

Jobs postings with content or language that meet the criteria below will be removed. Please report suspected abuse to the Center.

  • Discriminatory comments related to race/ethnicity/national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, marital or parental status, or religious affiliation.
  • Job postings that intend to scam job seekers out of personally identifiable information or that involve an exchange of money in the hiring process.

Still have questions? Contact us.