Authentic Leadership Positions Available - Program Coordinator and Program Manager

Durham, North Carolina  | 
Durham County

Empowered Parents in Community, EPiC, is a non-profit, 501c3, that aims to cultivate parent leadership and improve family engagement to better support their students’ educational needs. Our mission is to dismantle systemic racial inequities in education. We do this by intentionally engaging Black parents and empowering them through collective organizing to advocate for accountability at all levels to close the educational opportunity gap. 

EPiC is hiring for both a Program Coordinator (part-time, contract-based) and a Program Manager (full-time employee). Please visit to view the full job descriptions. 

The Independent Contracted Program Coordinator will have experience in community engagement, conducting and analyzing focus groups, and empowering Black parent leaders in their schools.  The Program Coordinator scope is as follows:

  • Coordinate logistics, organize, and promote Circle of Hope programs 
  • Assist in program implementation from inception to completion
  • Document programming notes on activities, progress and milestones for program refinement. 
  • Maintain programming timelines and key resources to ensure effective program delivery.
  • Outline resources required, and regularly assess progress toward goals and key milestones and identify concerns and/or opportunities to adjust program strategy to deepen impact.
  • Actively collaborates with EPiC staff and contractors to deepen this through-line in programming.
  • Maintain regular, consistent communication with the  Program Director to ensure that efforts are inline with organizational goals, and provide timely updates on progress.


The Program Manager will lead EPiC Programs and will plan and implement parent engagement and community efforts in support of parent-led advocacy to increase education equity among children of color from Early Childcare Education to K12, depending on the identified program.  The Program Manager will also provide critical outreach for families related to the programming needs. 

Key responsibilities:

  • Plan, organize, promote, and execute parenting program activities and goals inclusive of:
  • Leading families in communities to engage in their educational centers through focus groups, community organizing, community-driven planning and coalition building to inform our local, system-change goals to improve educational practices and policies.
  •  Creating  and implementing  race equity in education training(s) and leadership training as identified in program needs and data analysis.
  • Coordinate programming  with community outreach initiatives.
  • Monitors and supports the development and implementation of pre-k, early care and education, and/or K-12 services in Durham County; including research of program models, and design of program planning and evaluation processes.
  • Maintain progress toward goals and key milestones with an emphasis on  identifying opportunities to adjust program strategy 
  • Adhere to program timelines and identify resources required.
  • Analyze research literature/best practices to develop resource and education materials on equity in education for education series with a specific focus on  educational disparities, authentic engagement, educational policy, advocacy needs and/or organizing strategies.
  • Manage qualitative data collection of families with lived experiences to promote equitable outcomes in the education systems and emphasize unique community and cultural practices for educational justice.
  • Attend community and coalition meetings within work scope to build collaborative relationships with like-missioned organizations.
  • Ensure administrative tasks related to projects and program development are completed.


Salary and Benefits

The Program Coordinator position is a part-time, contract position, and thus does not offer benefits.

The Program Manager position offers a compensation and benefits package inclusive of wellness benefits, vacation days and paid holidays.