Program Manager: Climate Research and Engagement

Durham, North Carolina  | 
Durham County

This position will require the capacity to coordinate multiple concurrent tasks, including managing budgets and other aspects of this NOAA/NIHHIS award, annual and regular reporting of results, deliverables, and budget items to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). The Program Manager is responsible for retaining and disseminating all information from NOAA, university partners, and community partners. Annual reports to NOAA are extremely detailed and contain both narrative and budgetary information. A successful candidate will be an excellent writer, have high attention to detail, and be able to work within deadlines.


The Program Manager is the team lead on the  annual report and is expected to produce the full report and supplemental materials.


This position will also include external reporting to the Center’s Community Advisory Board, stewarding data use agreements, travel and meeting coordination, and leading and submitting multi-phased Institutional Review Board approvals. The Program Manager will participate in web and publication development, including data collection, analysis, and original research. The Program Manager will interface with a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional team with expertise in climate, health, equity, and outreach.  


The Program Manager will serve on the Center’s  leadership team, and coordinate communications between the project and leadership teams. The ideal candidate will have an interest in climate, health, heat, and equity issues in the United States.


This position will also coordinate with the other NOAA-affiliated teams across the country on monthly calls and on an as-needed basis. Other duties will include webpage development and design, research facilitation, meeting coordination and facilitation, and managing/supervising a team of diverse PIs, students, and staff. The Program Project Manager will also coordinate with the other NOAA-affiliated teams across the country on monthly calls and on an as-needed basis.

This is an in-person position located in Durham, NC. The applicant is expected to be located in the Raleigh-Durham area for the duration of the position. Occasional in-state telework can be accommodated, but successful candidates are expected to be available for in-person engagements and occasional travel.

General Education &Engagement Responsibilities

  • Work within a budget for specific programs
  • Inductive and deductive social science research
  • Interviewing, facilitating focus groups, and engaging in community-driven inquiry processes
  • Implement DEAI best practices
  • Work with the E&E team to develop short and long-term goals for the department
  • Work on cross-departmental teams as needed
  • Support general Museum activities including marketing and development
  • Weekend and some evening work required
  • Other job-related duties as needed

Program Manager Responsibilities

  • Development of the strategy and workplan for a program of work, including: 
  • Research of learning context and rationale 
  • Research of competition or alternative models 
  • Research of target audiences and needs 
  • Conception, prioritization, development, and orchestrated delivery of a portfolio of experiments and sub-projects to multiple audiences, deadlines, and objectives 
  • Development of, and working within, a budget for the program of work 
  • Creation of short and long-term goals for the program, and a framework for program development and evaluation 
  • Identification of, and development of relationship development with, prospective partners across public, private, and civil sectors 
  • Develop and manage short- and long-term project timelines  
  • Provide direction, support and feedback to other team members working on related programs of work 
  • Actively engage and communicate with other departments with regards to the program of work and Education & Engagement objectives


Sub-Roles and Specific Areas of Focus 

Program Manager: Climate Research and Engagement

  • Organize meetings, travel
  • Prepare reports
  • Create and maintain center webpage
  • Solicit, interview, and select communities for participation in summer campaigns
  • Develop survey tools and solicitation materials
  • Prepare reporting materials
  • Coordinate center Investigators and staff
  • Coordinate with funder(s)

Staff Oversight

Some Associate Program Managers may supervise staff and volunteers including Associate Program Managers, Program Facilitators, Interns, Fellows, volunteer facilitators (Catalysts) and others as needed.