B - Educational

  • To inspire students to dream big, act with character and purpose, and reach their potential as leaders in their community.

  • Schoolhouse of Wonder creates kind, curious, confident kids through nature-based, outdoor adventures.

  • The North Carolina Association of School Administrators (NCASA) was established in 1976. Our mission is to ensure quality learning experiences for all students through visionary and effective leadership.
  • To provide affordable, accessible and practical training for those working with and for nonprofits, religious organizations, schools, service organizations, foundations and government.

  • To aid students with a demonstrated financial need in reaching their educational goals, while supporting the mission of ACC.

  • To prepare all young children for school and life-long success through community partnerships.

  • Child Care Services Association (CCSA) works to ensure affordable, accessible, high quality child care for all families through research, services and advocacy. We are an association of groups, individuals and volunteers committed to supporting the right of young children and their families to have the best possible life.

  • To advance a high quality, comprehensive, accountable early childhood system that benefits each child in North Carolina beginning with a healthy birth.

  • To improve the quality of life for children 0-5 years of age in Cumberland County.

  • To provide research and information, representation on issues, programs, and staff and professional development for the 36 independent colleges and universities in North Carolina.

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