F - Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

  • We provide treatment, resources, and education for opiate addiction and substance use disorders. (Not operating in any capacity in NC yet) This is in currently in process.

  • Barbershop Therapy works to “Cut Through The Problems“ by securing resources to provide year-round assistance with haircuts and outreach services for minorities and others, living at or below poverty level in Wake County North Carolina schools!

  • At Sierra Hotel for DD214’s, our mission is to empower military veterans and their families on their journey towards a healthy and fulfilling civilian life. We recognize the pressing need to address the challenges posed by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and related issues faced by these brave individuals who have dedicated themselves to the service of others.

  • Soul to Soles Connection is dedicated to the mental health of America’s veterans, active-duty personnel, first responders and their families. Our mission offers mental health treatment and wellness options, with horses, focused on reducing the impact of trauma. Soul to Soles Connection is a unique opportunity to share innovative healing experiences. We offer individual, couples and family counseling sessions, closed groups, retreats, guided meditation and Reiki. Trauma impacts the individual and those around them.

  • ProCure Agency, Inc. is a Mental Health and Wellness and Meditation Community dedicated to Whole Person Well -Being.

    We are committed to Whole Person Well-Being through the use of Evidenced-Based Practices, Brain Health Education, and the practice of Mindfulness and Meditation.

  • The primary activity of the Pro Bono Counseling Network (PBCN) is recruiting licensed volunteer therapists in good standing to provide therapy to people who do not qualify for publicly funded mental health services, are underinsured and/or marginalized. Our therapists provide a minimum of 8 free sessions per year.

  • The Mission of the Healed Girls Collaborative is to foster safe environments for women and girls to experience post-traumatic growth after living through adverse childhood experiences.

  • SAFEchild – which stands for Stop Abuse For Every child – supports families having a wide range of needs.

    We are the only organization in Wake County that offers a full range of child abuse prevention and intervention services to children and families at no cost. Expertly trained professionals and volunteers build strong families in which parents nurture thriving children.

  • We are peers in active recovery using our lived experiences to connect our community through education, hope, and empowerment.
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