P - Human Services

  • Epilepsy Reach Foundation is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to enhance the lives of adults and children living with epilepsy and seizure disorders by helping them succeed in reaching their educational and professional goals

  • Life Experiences is a non-profit organization that offers meaningful employment and social opportunities for adults with varying disabilities where they are productive and proud of their contributions to the community.

  • The Harrelson Center is a humanitarian services campus of nonprofit organizations that offer hope, opportunity, and empowerment.

  • Corporation of Guardianship is a private, non-profit organization providing fiduciary services and care management to vulnerable persons based on person-centered principles.

  • Coastal Horizons promotes healthier lives, stronger families, and safer communities by providing a broad range of effective, evidence-based substance abuse, crisis intervention, justice, and wellness services to persons in need. As a nationally accredited, non-profit corporation, Coastal Horizons provides services in more than half of the one hundred counties in North Carolina.

  • To create a fully inclusive community in which all people, with and without disabilities, may pursue their own goals and choices for living and working together.

  • The Angelic Warrior Foundation's vision is to help save lives and prevent premature deaths from colorectal cancer. The mission of the Angelic Warrior Foundation is to increase Colorectal Cancer Awareness and to provide the emotional and financial support that patients, caregivers, and families need in order to thrive. We would like to see individuals, who are diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer, live happy, healthy, & productive lives with the love and support of their caregivers, family, friends, the medical community, and other community support programs.

  • Our mission at “From Broken2Chosen” is to uplift and help in the pursuit of transformation in the lives of women who have experienced poverty, homelessness, single motherhood, divorce, financial struggle, addiction, abuse, imprisonment, or just every day struggles, so they can transform into their best versions of themselves.

  • Family Support Network of Central Carolina believes every child deserves a thriving family. We provide support, education and caring connections to families who have a child with special needs or experiences a NICU journey.

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