R - Civil Rights, Social Actions & Advocacy

  • Our mission is to provide comprehensive educational resources and organize impactful events that uplift and empower young minds across the United States.

  • The NC Congress of Latino Organizations (aka The Latino Congress) is a statewide, membership led organization that builds power among Latino institutions and their leaders to advance social, racial and economic justice. The Latino Congress works for for the public good by coalescing training, and organizing Latinos across religious, racial, nationality, class, county and neighborhood lines. Our membership consists of more than seventy congregations, community associations, unions and nonprofits in North Carolina representing thousands of individuals.
  • Working in a male-dominated field, women push through many obstacles to maintain respect, proper placement, and success within the construction industry. Those that become moms also experience the difficulties of being a mother while working in construction. The long working hours, jobsite hazards, lack of accommodations and flexibility for pregnant and/or nursing workers, discourage many from believing being a mother in construction is possible.

  • The Partnership Project, Inc. establishes structures that respond to, empower and facilitate communities
    in defining and resolving issues related to racial disparities.

  • SpiritHouse South uses Afro-Diasporic customs, culture, practices and rituals to support community centered healing, embodiment, and transformation that repairs the lasting impact of systemic racism.

  • NC Women United (NCWU) is a coalition of progressive state and local organizations working to achieve the full political, social, and economic equality of all women across North Carolina. NCWU works to build women’s power through grassroots activism, community organizing, legislative advocacy, and engagement in the political process.

  • The League of Women Voters of Wake County is a grassroots nonpartisan political organization committed to empowering voters and defending democracy. To those ends the League:

    encourages informed and active participation in government.

    increases understanding of major public policy issues.

    influences public policy through education and advocacy.

    While the League of Women Voters is nonpartisan, it is not neutral on many important national, state, and local issues. Learn more about LWV-US positions, LWV-NC positions, and LWV-Wake positions on issues.

  • The mission of Triangle Native American Society is to promote and protect the identity of Native Americans living in the Triangle area.

  • We are a non-profit (501(c)4: Mission: to advance, promote, and protect the benefits, interests, and well-being of North Carolina's retired state and local public servants.
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