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  • The Union County Chamber champions business growth and business prosperity throughout Union County. It's vision is that everyone that does business or lives in Union County enjoys a thriving local economy and an excellent quality of life.

  • Our mission is to provide, educate and to serve the community through love, compassion and support.

  • Nurturing the future workforce by providing practical hands-on STEM experiences for local youth.

  • To promote the optimal health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities in South Carolina and beyond by advancing sexual and reproductive health for all youth and young adults.

  • From the NCACC Constitution: Counties, like individuals, cannot profitably and happily exist in isolation. Their destinies are intertwined. They must progress or fail together. Their problems are largely the same; if they are to be solved speedily and effectively, all counties must band themselves together and work for the common good. Many common problems exist among the counties of North Carolina and, where common problems exist, cooperation is necessary.

  • Project Crohn’s is a ministry serving young adults in chronic pain from Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

  • Ensuring the equitable and sustainable development and management of vital resources to meet basic human needs of current and future generations through economic democracy.

  • To prevent college student homelessness by providing temporary, safe and stable housing in the homes of local hosts and assisting students to exit the host home into permanent housing.

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