Empowered Minds Academy

EMA is a non-traditional school where Panthers (our mascot) are in control of their own learning. EMA, as a member of the Acton Academy Affiliate Network, is passionate about reinventing and revolutionizing education, pursuing best practices, and has agreed to protect a learner-driven environment. We exist to offer an alternative non-traditional 21st century model of education that is learner-driven. Instead of cultivating learners who function well only under authority, we aspire for all EMA Panthers to cherish freedom and the responsibilities that come with it.

EMA aspires to be a world class learner-driven community that confronts our dire need to equip future leaders (service leaders/leader-followers) who will solve problems, create and provide jobs, build businesses, and non-profit organizations.

At EMA, we believe that every child is a genius. This belief is central to our work. We value freedom, autonomy and we trust our Panthers to think for themselves and lead the