2024: Election Tip: Get Free (and Really Helpful) Resources from You Can Vote

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Leading up to the 2024 primary election this spring and the general election this fall, the Center will offer a variety of tips for nonprofits about nonpartisan voter registration and voter education. We encourage you to share these tips with your staff, board, and the people you serve. This week’s tip: You Can Vote offers many free, user-friendly, and nonpartisan resources on voter education. You Can Vote’s resources include:

  • Free handouts in English and Spanish with basics about the election, voting rights, and voter education information. Two of our favorites are “Who’s on the Ballot?”, which provides helpful explanations of 20 elected offices that you are likely to see on your ballot this year, and “What’s on the Ballot?”, which highlights the elected officials who are responsible for eight major policy issues that are important to the work of many nonprofits. 
  • Communications toolkits to help your nonprofits share clear and accurate information about the 2024 election with your staff, volunteers, and the people you serve. You need to sign up to access these toolkits, but it’s worth the two minutes to get ready-made emails and social media posts that you can share, along with notes on what days to share which messages.
  • Free voting educators for nonprofits’ virtual or in-person events. Note that your organization will need to request a voting educator at least two weeks in advance.
  • Many more resources to help your nonprofit become a (nonpartisan) Voting Rights Champion in 2024.

Note: If you missed the first two 2024 Election Tips of the Week (checking your voter registration and requesting an absentee ballot) or want a refresher, feel free to click the link to (re)read them now.

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