2024 Election Tip: Make a Plan to Vote Early

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Leading up to the 2024 primary election this spring and the general election this fall, the Center will offer a variety of tips for nonprofits about nonpartisan voter registration and voter education. We encourage you to share these tips with your staff, board, and the people you serve. This week’s tip: With one-stop Early Voting opening in North Carolina on Thursday (February 15), now is a great time for nonprofits to encourage their staff, volunteers, and the people they serve to make a plan to vote early in the primary election.

Early Voting is a great option for many North Carolinians for several reasons:

  1. During Early Voting, you can register to vote if you are a new voter or update your voter registration if you have changed addresses. You can’t register or update your registration on Election Day.
  2. You have more options for dates (any day between February 15 and March 2) and location (any Early Voting site in your county) to vote during Early Voting. On Election Day, you can only vote at your designated polling place.
  3. If something comes up, and you are unable to vote when you originally plan, there are always other times you can still cast your ballot (either on another day of Early Voting or on Election Day). If you get sick or a conflict arises on Election Day, you won’t get other opportunities to vote in the election.

Friend of the Center Lisa Hazirjian has a great blog post highlighting the importance of voting early and offering a free, easy-to-use tool to help you make your own Early Voting plan.

Note: If you missed the first three 2024 Election Tips of the Week (checking your voter registration, requesting an absentee ballot, and using the great (and free) resources from You Can Vote) or want a refresher, feel free to click the link to (re)read them now.

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