• The StrongNonprofits Toolkit has been developed and maintained by the Wallace Foundation since 2009. It covers topics in nonprofit budgeting, cash flow, operations, data and analysis, audit readiness, plus governance and strategy. The toolkit has customizable resources to use in managing operations, pre-loaded calendars, and self assessment quizzes or checklists that seek to bolster a nonprofit's finance operations to build operational excellence.

  • A Guide to Cash Flow Forecasts for Nonprofits explains the value of tracking expected incoming cash and using it as a tool to adapt to immediate financial challenges stemming from cash deficits. The article is accompanied by a free webinar recording "Helping Your NFP Organization Weather the Economic Storm" done in partnership with the Canadian back office solu

  • Nonprofit Cost Analysis Toolkit: Six Steps to Finding the True Costs of Programs asserts that an "effective true-cost analysis accurately allocates direct as well as indirect costs across focus areas such as programs, geographic sites or particular products, allowing nonprofit leaders to make more informed decisions about strategy and funding." The guide's steps are to first determine the scope of the analysis to be conducted, g

  • This program is designed to strengthen the financial resilience of nonprofit organizations in North Carolina. Intended for both funders and nonprofit leaders, the program will begin with an introduction to the concept of “full cost” funding and budgeting as strategies to support nonprofit financial health. Full cost goes beyond programmatic budgeting to include things like having working capital to pay bills on time and having reserves to manage risks or opportunities.

  • The Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) is a national nonprofit with offices across the US which offers educational materials on nonprofit financial management. Their Fundamentals for Nonprofits offers a wealth of templates, workbooks, and self-assessment tools.

  • Jaime Campbell, Tier One Services, LLC and Mig Murphy Sistrom, Mig Murphy Sistrom, CPA, PC

    We are both CPAs and accounting firm owners, committed to serving the nonprofit sector. We welcome this opportunity to share our observations and advice on how the pandemic has affected the accounting work of nonprofits. Since we are both committed to centering racial equity in our work, we have applied an equity lens to these topics.

  • Total cost of ownership (TOC) over the lifecycle of IT projects like buying new software can be a very tricky thing to calculate. This is especially due to a project's costs going beyond tangible aspects of installing new software and into common implementation challenges such as staff adoption of the technology.

  • Translate your annual operating budget into a detailed cash flow projection over the course of a fiscal year with the templates below.​

    Cash Flow Template (Propel Nonprofits)

    Cash Flow Projection Template (Nonprofit Finance Fund)

  • Analyzing Financial Information Using Ratios - Nonprofit leaders seeking to understand their organization's financial situation usually start by reviewing the financial reports. Beyond understanding the reports, much can be learned from analysis of the information and interpretation of what it is telling you. For a more technical financial analysis, rations can be used to deepen understanding and interpretation.

  • From the Nonprofit Quarterly, this guide is a summary of the eight key business principles that should guide financial leadership practice.

    An Executive Director’s Guide to Financial Leadership

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