• Marie-Line Germain, HR Consulting Initiative

    Through the HR Consulting Initiative at Western Carolina University, some of our nonprofit clients (including Center Members) have sought advice on how to recruit employees more effectively. To recruit (and to fundraise), Artificial Intelligence has proven to be effective.

  • Lisa Finaldi, North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation

    Ask a three-year-old what she wants to be when she grows up, and the answer is just as likely to be superhero or mermaid as veterinarian or engineer. 

    But inside that preschooler’s brain, a foundation is being built that will play a large role in determining her future school and career success. That’s because during a child’s earliest years, his or her experiences are built into the body, shaping the architecture of the brain and creating the foundation for future learning and health. 

  • New employee onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee with a company and its culture, as well as getting a new hire the tools and information needed to become a productive member of the team.

  • Out and Equal Workplace Advocates' library includes toolkits and guides on being openly "out" in the workplace as a member of the LGBTQIA community, transition, ally tips, and 20 Steps to an Out & Equal Workplace.


  • A job description is a useful, plain-language tool that describes the tasks, duties, functions and responsibilities of a position. It outlines the details of who performs a specific type of work, how that work is to be completed, and the frequency and the purpose of the work as it relates to the organization’s mission and goals. Job descriptions are used for a variety of reasons, such as a tool for recruiting, determining salary levels, conducting performance reviews, clarifying missions, establishing titles and pay grades, and creating reasonable accommodation controls.

  • This resource helps to determine whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee under common law. You must examine the relationship between the worker and the business. All evidence of control and independence in this relationship should be considered. (IRS)

    IRS Topic 762 - Independent Contractor vs. Employee (en español)


  • Organizations can adapt one of these sample employee dating policies for their organizational personnel policies.

    Employee Relationships in the Workplace Policy (Workable)

    Sample Employee Dating Policy (Paycor)


  • Fact Sheet #21: Recordkeeping Requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act provides a summary of the FLSA's recordkeeping regulations affecting employers. (Department of Labor)


  • Form used to document that each new employee is authorized to work in the United States. (USCIS)

    Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)
  • At this point, there usually is one or two candidates who clearly stand out as the most qualified for the job. However, it is surprising how much interviewers’ impressions can change once they all have an opportunity to carefully discuss and consider all of the candidates. Be sure your approach to selecting the best candidate is a comprehensive and consistent approach. (Free Management Library)

    How to Select and Hire the Best Job Candidate

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