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  • Money is the fuel that drives your organization forward. Board members need to understand the tools nonprofits use to track, manage, and oversee money to make the best decisions for their organization.

    This workshop for board members and the staff who work with them offers knowledge to strengthen their organization’s financial literacy and the opportunity to practice telling their organization’s financial story. It will cover:

  • Last updated 9/17/2020

    Jaime Campbell, CPA, Tier One Services, LLC

    Auditing is an information service. As such, many forward-thinking auditors have already been working virtually for years, as evidenced by their vacation photos posted on Facebook while they were conducting “analytical procedures” from their laptops, which they bring with them everywhere, including the bathroom.

  • We must answer the public's cry for accountability. Here are ten traits of an accountable nonprofit.

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  • Reporting Requirements for Nonprofits with State Grant Funds is a quick, helpful summary table for reporting requirements for nonprofits with state grant funds. Additionally, for online reporting, the N.C.

  • Appropriate document retention is important for a nonprofit's compliance with state and federal law, while balancing the need for managing storage space (both physical and digital). A clear policy for staff can prevent the innocent destruction or disposal of documents.

  • Donors, lawmakers, and other stakeholders are looking at your nonprofit’s "program efficiency ratio" (PER) as an indicator of good stewardship. If your organization has a low ratio, it can indicate that you devote too many resources to fundraising and management rather than program activities. However, the ratio doesn't paint the entire picture. Get tips from CPA Dennis Walsh on how to keep from being judged unfairly.

  • Wow, it's time for your audit again. Time flies when you're having fun! As with much of life, being prepared goes a long way. Here's what you can do.

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