• Cybersecurity for Nonprofits by the National Council for Nonprofits provides guidance on first steps to take when introducing your organization's risk assessment practices to examining risks from online crime.

  • Cybercriminals are becoming evermore sophisticated in their attempts to infect your device or con you out of sensitive information about your organization. Login credentials to your online accounts that host financial information or data about the constituents your nonprofit serves are all valuable commodities to obtain and exploit, particularly by getting one of your staff to reveal a key piece of information when they respond to a malicious email.

  • Adapted with permission from Your All-In-One Guide to Improving Your Security Posture, MDcentric Technologies.

  • Your All-In-One Guide to Improving Your Security Posture provided by MDcentric Technologies helps your organization asses your cybersecurity risk from an outsiders perspective; evaluate your current security architecture; and educate your staff on cyberthreats such as hacking, identity theft, and malware.


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