• Making high quality, affordable management assistance available and easily accessible for all nonprofits is and has always been the "core business" of Nonprofit Management Solutions. Management assistance in the form of consulting, training, board and staff leadership development, coaching and mentoring -- all represent leveraged investments, because they have the potential to build an organization's long-term capacity to carry out its mission.

  • Founded in 1948, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest HR professionals membership organization devoted to human resource management. While some of its resources are only available to their members, they also offer many valuable free resources. 


  • An important aspect of any effective search strategy is the search structure, which refers to the people who will be involved in each hiring process and the roles that they will play. Developing an appropriate structure for each search will ensure that the hire is made in accordance with the needs, values, and capacity of your organization. In developing the search structure, you will want to make sure that the stages in the search process are appropriately designated. 

  • Doing good is tough work, and consensus shows that many do-gooders face more resource restraints than their private sector peers. With the stress of impressing your manager or your peers, the pressure to produce superb programs, and the weight of scrutiny from regulatory bodies, funders, and the general public, it's easy to burn out fast. 

    10 Ways to Definitely Burn Out as a Nonprofit Employee (, 2020)

  • While the emphasis of to role of vice president, finance and operations is finance, it includes responsibilities for managing a breadth of staff functions and requires an individual who is both strategic and tactical. Adapt this sample job description for your organization. (The Bridgespan Group)


  • Holding the chief executive accountable is a critical board role. BoardSource's Core Competencies of Nonprofit Chief Executives ensures both the board and CEO understand expectations and the chief executive is properly executing his/her core roles.

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