• Caroline McDowell, Marketing & Communications Manager, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

  • The Workforce Re-Entry Toolkit (UST) provides helpful checklists, letter templates, sample policies, and response plans designed to help nonprofit leaders prepare to re-enter the workplace. It also includes an on-demand webinar with tips for welcoming employees back to the office while maintaining compliance with state and federal COVID-19 regulations.

    Workforce Re-Entry Toolkit:

  • Lisa Finaldi, North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation

    Ask a three-year-old what she wants to be when she grows up, and the answer is just as likely to be superhero or mermaid as veterinarian or engineer. 

    But inside that preschooler’s brain, a foundation is being built that will play a large role in determining her future school and career success. That’s because during a child’s earliest years, his or her experiences are built into the body, shaping the architecture of the brain and creating the foundation for future learning and health. 

  • The gaps in employee skills that employers talk about the most are not technical, math, or reading problems. Instead, employers’ top concern is the lack of soft skills needed for success in almost every role. Soft skills such as planning, resolving conflicts, and handling change are just a few skills that employers are looking for in quality employees.

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