Empowering Voters Is Nonprofit Mission Work

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There's no more fitting way to lift up our nonprofits’ missions than to empower our communities during the elections process. As It’s On Us: The Nonprofit Voter Empowerment Project so clearly puts it: Nonpartisan voter engagement is one of the sector’s most effective ways to ensure that our voices, and those of the communities we serve, are “at the table” when critical policies are being decided. Nonprofits’ ability to advance our individual missions and the sector’s collective impact hinges upon our willingness to ensure every eligible voter, regardless of political affiliation, can cast their ballot. 

As the clock counts down to the November elections, get clear on what nonprofits can and can’t do during elections and get to work helping your staff, volunteers, and people you serve register to vote, verify their voter registration, find what’s on their ballots, and learn about their candidates.


North Carolina Center for Nonprofits provides resources to help nonprofits be nonpartisan and educate voters, such as:

Nonprofit VOTE

Nonprofit Vote provides nonpartisan resources to help nonprofits integrate voter engagement into their ongoing activities and services, such as:

NC Voter

NC Voter provides nonpartisan resources for voting in North Carolina, such as:

  • Top Voter FAQs
  • Voter Information Hotline 888-OUR-VOTE (in several languages)

Vote 411

Vote 411 provides nonpartisan general and state-specific information on the election process, such as:

Enlace Latino NC

Enlace Latino NC provides Spanish language articles and resources for this year's election and voting.

Bolder Advocacy

Democracy Capacity


Bolder Advocacy provides training, coaching, information, tools, and resources for nonprofits to be confident and powerful advocates, such as:

North Carolina State Board of Elections

North Carolina State Board of Elections provides state and county election information on registering to vote, updating voter registration, early voting sites, election day polling locations, vote my mail, candidates, and sample ballots, and voting results.

NC Voter Guide

NC Voter Guide provides facts on the election and candidates in North Carolina, including:

You Can Vote

You Can Vote provides resources to train and mobilize volunteers to educate, register, and empower all North Carolina citizens to successfully cast their ballot, such as:


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