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Design Learning Spaces for Culture and Language Diversity

Roughly 14% of the U.S. population was born outside the country. Nonprofits regularly serve and employ people who live within cultures other than the White, Christian, English-speaking mainstream culture that out of which much of the curriculum and instruction methods used within the nonprofit and public sector come. As learning professionals, we can design and deliver learning experiences in English that offer a high level of cultural competency to create safe spaces of belonging. We can also invest the time and resources in translating and interpreting learning events and tools into other languages so people can learn in the language they prefer to learn in. Through this interactive session, you will gain insights, tips, and tools for how to design learning spaces with cultural and language diversity in mind.


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This is Session 3 of the 3-part series Design Learning Spaces for Belonging. This series looks at the topic of designing learning spaces for belonging through three lenses: racial equity, accessibility, and culture & language inclusivity. It brings experts on these topics into conversation with learning expert Nancy Bacon and you. This series is created for people who deliver workshops, webinars, or conference sessions on non-equity topics. It is also relevant for learning leaders who organize these sessions. It is designed to be action-focused, meaning that you will complete the series with actionable next steps and tools to support your success.

$150 for the series, $60 per session
Margaret "Meps" Schulte, Founder and Creative Director, 3 Choices Creative Communications
Danielle Gines, Consultant