From Financial Freakout to Prosperous Nonprofit

Whether your nonprofit is new and/or building a financial structure for the first time or is established and simply needs a financial checkup, Stephanie Skryzowski from 100 Degrees Consulting is helping us get our financial house in order. This webinar will highlight the most important financial statements you should be reviewing, how to calculate key metrics to understand the financial health of your organization and tell your financial story, and the key elements of building a useful and accurate budget and incorporating forecasting into your monthly routine.

Members: $35
Potential Members: $55
Stephanie Skryzowski, Founder and CEO of 100 Degrees Consulting
Event Contact:
Laura Whitaker

About the Presenter: 

Stephanie Skryzowski is a visionary Chief Financial Officer who helps nonprofit leaders better understand and use their numbers to make smart decisions to grow their bottom line and their impact. She is the Founder and CEO of 100 Degrees Consulting which provides financial strategy and bookkeeping services to nonprofits around the globe. Stephanie delivers advice on nonprofit leadership, strategic budgeting, cash flow management, financial reporting and analysis, and more. Her podcast, The Prosperous Nonprofit, and online course, Master Your Nonprofit Numbers, help nonprofit leaders build thriving nonprofit organizations, strong and healthy teams, and a sustainable and profitable bottom line. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from New York University, focusing on nonprofit management and finance, and when she is not crunching numbers, Stephanie is exploring the world with her husband and two young daughters.