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QuickBooks Fundamentals: 3-Day Webinar Series for Users of QuickBooks Online

A 3-day webinar series (2.5 hours per day) teaching seven and a half hours of vital QuickBooks information specifically for non-profit organizations. *This training is specifically for the Online version of QuickBooks*

Day 1: The material will cover the basics of setting up and entering transactions specifically for Nonprofits, an overview of the software updates included in the QuickBooks® 2024 as well as advanced topics including:

  • Welcome to QuickBooks – The different choices and which version is right for you.
  • What’s new in version 2024 that you may need.
  • Getting used to the screens and navigating around.
  • A lesson in accounting QuickBooks style!
  • Setting up the correct Accounts.
  • Entering Your Programs.
  • Adding Your Annual Budget.
  • Cutting and Pasting from Excel into QuickBooks
  • Entering Your Donors, Members or Students.
  • *Topics are subject to change.

Day 2: This section will cover advanced material to really help you do some helpful and amazing things:

  • Entering Your Income – Two Methods.
  • Entering Donations and Grants.
  • Entering Membership Dues and Tuition.
  • Entering Program Service Revenue.
  • How to get the most out of Items.
  • Entering and Paying Bills.
  • Spreading Costs to Programs/Grants.
  • Essential Reports for the Board/Auditor.
  • Attaching Scan Documents for free.
  • *Topics are subject to change.

Day 3: This section will cover advanced material to really help you do some helpful and amazing things:

  • Entering Credit Card activity.
  • Tracking Pledges.
  • Tracking Restricted Grants.
  • Tracking Special Fundraising Events.
  • Printing personalized Donor Thank-You Letters directly from QuickBooks®.
  • Two Ways to get year-end donor-Acknowledgements.
  • Recording In-Kind Contributions.
  • Advanced method of Auto-Allocating Expenses to Programs/Grants.
  • And More!
  • Topics are subject to change.


North Carolina Center for Nonprofits members save $70 on the full series or $40 on single day registration – get the discount code.

$149 for single day, $299 for the full series
Gregg S. Bossen, CPA
About the Presenter:

Gregg S. Bossen, CPA created QuickBooks Made Easy for Nonprofits in 2000, and has since been teaching QuickBooks seminars around the country for various groups, conducting webinars, providing technical support to hundreds of clients, one-one-one consulting, and offering industry-specific streamable training. Gregg’s teaching style is funny and entertaining, and his energy and knowledge of Nonprofits make his classes a unique experience. Gregg has taught new users as well as other CPAs, who are themselves considered experts in the software. In total, he has taught over 4,500 seminars to more than 65,000 students.He currently teaches for over 30 Nonprofit State Associations, as well as annually at Scaling New Heights and QuickBooks Connect.