B - Educational

  • The mission of the Asheville City Schools Foundation is to implement bold strategies, fund big ideas, and engage the community to increase excellence with equity for all children in our schools.

  • The mission of Cora Sue Smith From The Heart is to provide postsecondary scholarships and academic counseling to students who have lost a parent or primary guardian to diabetes or heart disease.

  • The Friends of Chapel Hill Public Library is dedicated to the support of the Chapel Hill Public Library. The Friends raise funds for the Library through the sale of books donated by the community, annual membership fees, and donations. Funds are used to enhance collections and provide support for a wide variety of Library programs and initiatives.

  • Through volunteer based membership promoting Historic Preservation, Education, and Patriotism

  • Our mission is promotion and development of excellent library service throughout North Carolina by encouraging and assisting the formation, growth, and development of Friends of The Library groups in North Carolina and by providing the means for Friends to exchange ideas, information and experiences.
  • NCRA is a nonprofit organization that promotes literacy and lifelong learning.

  • To create a higher quality of life for children 0-5 in our county. Our emphasis is to strive to ensure that every child in Richmond County enters school healthy and ready to succeed in becoming an avid learner and ultimately a productive citizen who contributes to the future well-being of the community. Through collaborative efforts within our county, we will strive to ensure that all pre-Kindergarten children will have affordable, and access to high quality child care, will be healthy, and their families will have knowledge of and linked to community support services.

  • Ready for School, Ready for Life is a collaborative effort to build a connected, innovative system of care for Guilford County's youngest children and their families.

  • At Fayetteville Urban Ministry our focus is transforming lives through FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, and SECURITY. The Find-A-Friend youth program strives to spark FAITH in youth for a brighter tomorrow.The Adult Literacy Program establishes HOPE for a better future through the gift of reading, education, and job preparation.The Emergency Assistance program seeks to LOVE our neighbors by meeting their basic needs for food, clothing, and crisis support. Finally, The Nehemiah Project builds SECURITY in our community by providing free home repairs to low-income homeowners.
  • Our vision is to cultivate & open doors to education through: providing financial support, developing leadership skills, life on life relationship building, and exposure to the democratic process.

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