C - Environment

  • To inspire, connect, and empower North Carolinians to create healthy, sustainable home and community environments through gardening.

  • To protect natural lands and open space in and around Davidson, NC.
  • We Plant it Forward's mission is to preserve and restore the natural environment to bring harmony to all life. We seek to provide opportunities for community members to get their hands working by planting trees in your community and beyond, making rain barrels to start a home water conservation program, giving out tree seedlings. We seek to educate the children and adults about issues facing our environment, about wealth of information found in natures classroom and ways people improve their environmental footprint.

  • Engage and inspire individuals to take greater responsibility for their community environment through litter prevention, waste reduction and community greening.

  • The mission of Friends of Panthertown is to work in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service to conserve this outstanding natural resource while improving the quality and experience of recreational opportunities in Panthertown Valley.

  • BREDL's mission is environmental education in at-risk communities.

  • Good Solar is committed to developing renewable energy solutions for the benefit of nonprofit organizations, environmental justice communities, and socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. By developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with key organizations and community members, Good Solar works to match funding with need, helping to address the issues of energy poverty and community resiliency. As Good Solar continues to grow, we are committed to training and hiring our workforce from the same communities we serve.

  • NC Conservation Network supports, trains and coordinates diverse groups and directly advocates to achieve equitable and sustainable solutions for our environment.

  • To build connections, provide professional development, and promote excellence for North Carolina's community of environmental educators.

  • To promote, encourage and educate to end littering, improve recycling & food waste management and help to beautify New Hanover County.

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