E - Health Care

  • To provide student-athletes with financial assistance to obtain physical therapy, preventative training, and sports performance services.

  • Our mission is to positively impact public health by serving several patient populations with holistic health services such as acupuncture (primarily), herbal medicine, and nutritional support. We offer free, weekly acupuncture to low-income pregnant patients who are primarily African American and free/discounted services to people who normally could not afford full-price acupuncture, such as addicts and people undergoing mental health crises.

  • Impact Health leads a network of more than 50 human service organizations, pre-paid health plans, and care managers participating in North Carolina’s Healthy Opportunities Pilot (HOP) program in Western North Carolina, one of the state’s three pilot regions. HOP is the nation’s first comprehensive program to test and evaluate the impact of providing select evidence-based, non-medical interventions related to housing, food, transportation and interpersonal safety and toxic stress to high-needs Medicaid enrollees.

  • Hospitality House of Charlotte creates a community of support for patients connecting to vital medical care.

  • We assist and empower communities with persistent health disparities through family centered care and provide a compass towards self-sufficiency and stability. We positively impact the overall health and wellness of those who have experienced barriers to quality health care and provide an advantage to overcoming substandard environmental circumstances.

  • The purpose of this organization is to provide guidance and support to senior citizens and others who choose to stay at home as they face the complex array of health, personal, social, and home services that will become increasingly necessary as they age.

  • Advancing CHW voices while elevating racial and health equity.

  • The mission of the Center for Native Health is the reduction of health disparities for Native communities through engagement in the preservation and respectful application of traditional knowledge across four areas: education and consultation, cultural preservation and application, community based partnerships and training.

  • To improve the health of public school students and the communities in which they live by bridging the gap between services they need and community resources providing those needs.

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