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  • The Help Center NC Mission – The Help Center NC was established in 2016, for the purpose of sharing the Gospel, advocating for the poor, elderly, children and their families by providing the tools needed for families to become self-sufficient through our training and educational programs. We are a community ministry that made the decision not to focus on one particular community but to sacrificially help those in need by serving county areas (Wake,Raleigh,Durham,Franklin, Vance, Greensboro,Halifax,Warren ,and

  • Food Paradigm builds and implements a collaborative, real-food school lunch program. This tailored program is rooted in functional, evidence-based principles, for an immediate positive impact on learning, as well as teaching children and caregivers that adopting healthy food habits will support a lifetime of physical, mental, and social health.

  • To address food insecurity in WNC.

  • Clemmons Food Pantry is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to reducing hunger by providing supplemental groceries to residents of Forsyth County and surrounding areas.

  • The Quiltmaker Café will be a nonprofit, fast-casual restaurant, offering tasty, nutritious meals and free-will pricing to guests. Our mission is to provide community and healthy meals to all people, regardless of their ability to pay.
    The Quiltmaker Café mission will be fulfilled by utilizing the seven main elements of the One World Everybody Eats model for the operation of the café.
    1. Social enterprise
    We believe trust is an essential part of building community. Organizations whose social goals outweigh profits build trust.
    2. Pay what you can
    There is no “suggested” pricing. Diners may donate what they can afford – in terms of money, produce, or time. Prosperous communities support and celebrate every member, regardless of
    their means.
    3. Guests choose their portions
    They specify what they want and how much of each item. Choice is empowering and reduces food waste.
    4. Everyone is welcome
    We believe food has the power to bring people together. Sharing a meal builds healthy communities, and healthy communities make a better world.
    5. Space for community
    We believe in a community-led approach to food security. A strong community results in long-term success for the organization.
    6. Opportunity to volunteer
    We believe in offering a hand up rather than a handout. An engaged community with a
    healthy respect for food and its preparation is important.
    7. Excellent food
    We believe everyone should have access to healthy and nutritious food. Strong local partnerships result in stronger communities.

  • We exist to give low-income families a fresh start by satisfying their hunger for nutrition, connection, and pathways to a promising future through our food and nutrition programs and our two-generation education programs.

  • Kellys' Community Kitchen recognizes the stark contrast between the abundance of food that is enjoyed by some in our community and the struggle undertaken by others daily, to feed themselves and their families. Food waste occurs both at the community (restaurants, civic and private orgs, schools) and household levels.

  • Mission
    We support, sustain and grow PORCH chapters to help them achieve their mission of community-based hunger relief.

    A PORCH in every community.

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