L - Housing & Shelter

  • Connecting other community charitable organizations to participating laundromats to offer no-cost laundry services to community volunteers and caregivers.

  • Our mission is to provide workforce training and financial education to young adults in underserved communities utilizing those principles to transform communities through the development of affordable workforce housing.

  • Our mission is to provide pathways of hope and opportunity for successful living beyond limitations. Our vision is to be a catalyst for individuals with disabilities or limitations to live with dignity, independence, and confidence as contributors to society and a part of our community.

  • At Lighthouse, our mission is to provide safe and supportive homes for individuals seeking both stable housing and a place to heal. We are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment that promotes healing, personal growth, and to help individuals rebuild their lives, foster lasting recovery, and reintegrate into their communities with renewed joy, peace and meaning.

  • To Educate and empower future homeowners and current homeowners as well as families suffering from unemployment and underemployment.

  • Harbor, Inc. provides comprehensive services for victims and survivors impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault.

  • Watauga Housing Council fulfills its mission through the following strategic objectives: ​ Explore new housing opportunities and solutions with stakeholders & evaluate desired outcomes Coordinate with community partners to identify and secure private, local, state, and federal funding and resources Seek, integrate, and disseminate continuous data from target communities within Watauga and act as an information hub Develop and maintain backbone support for long-term collective impact effort on housing Three committees were formed to conduct work: Community Outreach, Housing Solutions, and WHC
  • Our mission is to create dignified, affordable, tiny homes in caring community for and with people transitioning out of homelessness.

  • Our mission is to provide permanently affordable single family rental houses in Charlotte and beyond.

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