L - Housing & Shelter

  • Taken from the Greek language, “Diakonos” means “one who serves.”  The mission of Diakonos, Inc is to compassionately serve men, women and
    children who find themselves homeless, hungry, or victims of domestic violence and sexual violence.  We serve by providing clothing, food, healthcare and safe sanctuary.  We advocate for change and offer hope.

  • The mission of the Lincoln County Coalition Against Domestic Violence is to provide an alternative to living in a violent situation and to offer education / resources necessary for survivors to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.

    The vision of our program is to provide the best and most complete services for survivors of domestic violence.

  • Restoring home, health and spirit allows our residents to focus on a tailored program that gives them the skills, education, confidence and a plan to rebuild their lives and reestablish them as net contributors to our community.

    VHVH’s 30/30/90/30 program is customized to each resident in concert with our staff, led by a case manager and delivered over approximately 1 year. Our focus is moving our veterans to permanent housing and independence as soon as possible, yet our program has the flexibility to extend the veteran’s care to almost 2 years if necessary.

  • Next Step Development Corporation is a newly formed nonprofit and our mission is to provide permanent supportive housing for individuals experiencing homelessness by providing micro housing and tiny home villages. We create a supportive environment including case management, job training, life skills training and substance use counseling.

  • To help empower victims of rape, sexual assault, incest and domestic violence to take back their lives.

  • Copper Circle's mission is to build stronger communities by harnessing the skills and resources of the rental housing industry to advance professional development and efforts to end homelessness.

  • The mission of HERE in Jackson County is to end homelessness in Jackson County by providing temporary emergency shelter, housing-focused case management services, and administering short-term financial assistance.

  • To provide affordable housing, education, community, human and economic development to improve the quality of life in Sanford, Lee County and the surrounding counties.

  • A public-private partnership that exists to support the self-determination of our neighbors experiencing homelessness through trusting relationships and connections to coordinated services that increase their ability to be safely and stably housed.

  • Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives.

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