(Almost) Everything Your Nonprofit Needs to Know about the 2024 Election

1 hour, 38 minutes

In this webinar, you'll learn the basics about what 501(c)(3) nonprofits can and can’t do in an election year, ways nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers can (legally) engage in campaigns, and common questions (and possibly some answers!) about tricky election-year situations for nonprofits. You will also find out about new election laws and changes to the election process in North Carolina in 2024 that might affect nonprofits and the people they serve. And we will offer tips on ways 501(c)(3) nonprofits can protect their reputations and avoid legal trouble when partnering with other organizations in an election year.

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Presenter Information:

David Heinen, Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy

Lauren Noyes, Attorney, Wallace and Nordan, LLP

Principles and Practices