• The North Carolina Center for Nonprofits joins the National Council of Nonprofits in this video chat that outlines the logistics and details of how to organize and host a successful candidate forum that informs both voters and future elected officials.

  • Leading up to the 2024 primary election this spring and the general election this fall, the Center will offer a variety of tips for nonprofits about nonpartisan voter registration and voter education. We encourage you to share these tips with your staff, board, and the people you serve. This week’s tip: With one-stop Early Voting opening in North Carolina on Thursday (February 15), now is a great time for nonprofits to encourage their staff, volunteers, and the people they serve to make a plan to vote early in the primary election.

  • David Heinen, Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy

    Wondering what types of election-related activities your nonprofit can and can’t do between now and this fall's elections? You’re not alone; the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits has been fielding many questions about what’s legal and what’s advisable. Here’s a quick take on some of the most common questions we’re hearing.

  • In this webinar, you'll learn the basics about what 501(c)(3) nonprofits can and can’t do in an election year, ways nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers can (legally) engage in campaigns, and common questions (and possibly some answers!) about tricky election-year situations for nonprofits.

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  • Download a sample Board Member Committee description to use as a summary of who serves on which committees and what each committee's area of responsibility entails.


    In August 2013, the N.C. General Assembly passed H.B. 589, the Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA), which makes several significant changes to North Carolina’s election laws.  Legislators made important changes to this law in June of 2015.  Because nonprofits are among the most trusted institutions in their communities, it is important that they provide accurate, nonpartisan information to their staff, volunteers, and those they serve about the election process.  

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