• In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and America’s racial reckoning of 2020, communities are clear the only ways to rebuild, re-energize and recover are to work collaboratively to address complex social problems.  It is no longer enough to focus on strengthening individual nonprofits with the hope of enabling them to meet community residents’ needs.  Yet, the mere commitment or desire to collaborate, no matter how strong, has never resulted in successful solutions to even the tamest of community challenges.

  • New Attitudes, Old Practices: The Provision of Multiyear General Operating Support makes the case that "multiyear general operating support (GOS) provides nonprofits with the flexibility to use funds to fulfill their missions and the ability to plan for the long-term sustainability of their organizations, programs, and services" and should become a standard grantmaking practice.

  • Alyson Stoffer, Director of Development, TLC and President, AFP Triangle

    Eight months ago, I became a new director of development. The timing was great. I had a month and a half under my belt at the beginning of a pandemic where the next days and months were certain and manageable. Just in time to start putting together my first budget, inclusive of what to do about our organization’s largest source of philanthropic dollars: in-person events. Everything was fine.

  • Financial shortfalls and other circumstances sometimes force nonprofits to dissolve, file for bankruptcy, or merge. Of course, this impacts your programs, clients, and stakeholders. Here are some important questions to consider.

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  • In a 360-Degree Look, as outlined by Blue Avocado, the board and the staff team seek feedback from those who stand around the outside of the circle (aka: the organization) as well as inside it: clients, community members, volunteers, donors, funders, and staff. While it might seem threatening or time-consuming, it's an infrequent project that can alleviate staff fears and create a positive precedent for board-staff teams.

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