Grant writing

  • Have you wondered how current trends may affect your ability to attract funding? This webinar will provide an overview of current trends in philanthropy including:

  • Whether through traditional or digital mediums, nonprofits must tell their stories effectively to garner attention in a crowded media landscape. 


    How to Tell Stories

  • Nonprofits must be conscious of the ways they represent the populations they serve, being careful to respect the individual or group's agency, empower rather than victimize or exploit, avoid re-traumatization, and think ahead about the way presenting that story to the world will affect the storyteller's life in the future.


    Introduction to Ethical Storytelling

  • This webinar is designed for the nonprofit leader who is committed to the needs of their community and is searching for ways to take their organization to the next level. Using tried and true strategies, you will learn alternative ways to generate revenue for your organization without writing grants. These strategies will help create clarity and long-term sustainability so your organization can easily fulfill its mission. In this process, you will learn the nonprofit entrepreneurial mindset (NEM).

  • The Successful Nonprofits podcast has a catalog of episodes that focus on a wide range of topics, including managing your board, maximizing use of technology, mitigating risk, nonprofit law, promoting diversity and inclusion, and so on. Each episode is a conversation with one nonprofit expert and the podcast is available for listening on multiple platforms.


  • Whether you need funding for enterprise software or just basic workstation hardware, funders and grantmakers willing to cover the costs for your nonprofit's information technology infrastructure (often considered overhead expense) are few and far between.


    Finding and Approaching Technology Funders

  • The Foundation Center offers Spanish language videos on:

    Introducción a la redacción de la propuesta (Introduction to Proposal Writing): Aprenda sobre los componentes claves de una propuesta a fundaciones y corporaciones.

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