• Whether you’re applying for funding, pitching a new program initiative, lobbying for a policy solution, or asking for a raise, your success hinges upon your ability to make your case. In this session, you'll get back to the basics of how to get what you need and want for your nonprofit. Using real-world examples shared by participants, we’ll walk through the steps of clarifying your goals and desired outcomes, understanding your audiences, mapping your resources, and choosing the strategy and tactics that make sense for your organization.

  • Jeanne Tedrow, President & CEO, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

  • Jeanne Tedrow, President and CEO, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation's 2017 Step-by-Step Guide to Evaluation: How to Become Savvy Evaluation Consumers provides a framework for evaluation as a useful program tool for grantees, nonprofits, and community leaders. "The original handbook provides a framework for thinking about evaluation as a relevant and useful program tool.

  • Some organizations are reluctant to start the planning process because of vague fears about where it might lead and what it might entail. Defeat the Planning Dreads demystifies common concerns and illuminates the benefits planning can bring.

    Common Ground is a publication of the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.

  • Thinking ahead is key to an organization's effectiveness. Answer these key questions around strategic, operational, and evaluation planning to maximize your resources and achieve your organizational goals.

    Common Ground is a publication of the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.

  • In a 360-Degree Look, as outlined by Blue Avocado, the board and the staff team seek feedback from those who stand around the outside of the circle (aka: the organization) as well as inside it: clients, community members, volunteers, donors, funders, and staff. While it might seem threatening or time-consuming, it's an infrequent project that can alleviate staff fears and create a positive precedent for board-staff teams.

  • Consider these simple ways to keep your staff focused and positive.

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  • 2020 statement of values and code of ethics for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations from Independent Sector.


  • Ready to Lead? Next Generation Leaders Speak Out

    This report combines perspectives and data from about 6,000 emerging nonprofit leaders from throughout the country on the advantages and drawbacks of leading a nonprofit organization. There are also recommended action plans for nonprofits to engage with immediately in order to bring about real change and develop great leaders for tomorrow. 

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