• These six resilience tactics and strategies can help organizations prepare for any disruption or crisis
  • Initially published as organizations began to re-open and return in-person to workplaces after the COVID-19 pandemic, the considerations in Nonprofit Risk Management Center's article, Take 10: Resume and Thrive Strategies, can help any organization reasses its business strategies and reinitatie its programs and services after an abrupt change, closure, or crisis.

  • Jeanne C. Tedrow, President & CEO, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

    2021 truly began with a jolt. The attempted coup by insurrectionists on our nation's capital stunned many of us. Those elected to serve were in the crossfire and some were meant to be the target of this violence. In the aftermath of the 2020 fair and free election naming President Elect Joseph Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris to be duly sworn in on January 20, our country is divided and the peaceful transition of power has been compromised.

  • In this keynote, participants will experience an engaging session on what an equitable recovery means. Dr. S. Atyia Martin will provide knowledge and tools to support participants’ role in the ongoing practice of equitably improving the ability of people, communities, and organizations to face the complexities involved. Resilience is framed from the point of (1) embedding equity and (2) not just bouncing back, but bouncing forward.

  • As President and CEO of the Raleigh Chamber, Adrienne Cole represents one of the fastest-growing regions in the U.S. by leading an 1,800 member regional business organization focused on economic development, regional mobility, government affairs, business support and community engagement. Adrienne will share an introduction to the Raleigh Chamber, her leadership philosophy, lessons learned from Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity initiatives, the impact of the global pandemic, trying new things and moving forward during times of change.

  • Jeanne C. Tedrow, President & CEO, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

    When we look back on 2020, what will our story be? What will your story be?

  • COVID-19 is not going away quickly. Some form of social distancing will likely be with us through at least year-end. How can your organization adapt to this new reality and not only survive but thrive in 2020, emerging stronger with more capacity to act on your mission and raise the revenue you need? This training is especially appropriate for executive teams.

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  • In the middle of a crisis, returning to “normal” feels far off. And after a mega-disruption such as COVID-19 or a devastating hurricane, many organizations need to envision a ‘new normal,’ as things will not be the way they once were. This webinar offers practical tips for getting ready for your nonprofit’s new normal. Learn what you can do today to create a path to your organization’s future.

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  • Sackeena Gordon-Jones, Transformation Edge Coaching & Consulting

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