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  • Frontstream offers The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Fundraising as part of the software company's resource library.* The resource offers considerations for conducting virtual fundraising events such as a charity auction or peer-to-peer fundraising, how to cater to donor personas, and best practices for online or mobile donations.


  • Whether through traditional or digital mediums, nonprofits must tell their stories effectively to garner attention in a crowded media landscape. 


    How to Tell Stories

  • The Future of StoryTelling is "a passionate community of people from the worlds of media, technology, and communications who explore how storytelling is evolving in the digital age. Each year we host a two-day summit in New York City that brings together top executives, world-renowned creatives, and cutting-edge technologists to have conversations about the changing landscape of media.

  • Just as other organizations do, nonprofits should act to protect intellectual property they create and refrain from infringing on others' works. Whether taking photographs at your event for later use in promotional materials, having a volunteer create your nonprofit's mission statement video, or commissioning educational or program curriculum, nonprofits should ensure they have proper intellectual property rights to content they use.


    Nonprofits & Copyright Law

  • Nonprofits must be conscious of the ways they represent the populations they serve, being careful to respect the individual or group's agency, empower rather than victimize or exploit, avoid re-traumatization, and think ahead about the way presenting that story to the world will affect the storyteller's life in the future.


    Introduction to Ethical Storytelling

  • Communications Toolkit: A Guide to Navigating Communications for Social Impact - Currently in its 4th edition, this resource covers nearly every topic in communications, whether the purpose of the messing is to raise funds or raise awareness.

  • The Nonprofit Show is a webcast created by the American Nonprofit Academy.

  • Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio - "Every nonprofit struggles with these issues. Big nonprofits hire experts. The other 95% listen to Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio. Trusted experts and leading thinkers join Tony each week to tackle the tough issues."

  • The NonProfit Voice podcast is "the go-to source for nonprofit management strategy and tactics. Developed for thought leaders and innovators, we cover topics like fundraising, donor management, human resources, board / volunteer management, and marketing technology."



  • The Change Agentz podcast is hosted by consultant Tracy Allen. "We are helping social enterprises/entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses shift their mindsets, stay focused, and informed on their path to success. We discuss tips and strategies to build and grow a profitable, sustainable, and compliant infrastructure that builds capacity to create and maximize impact."


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