A - Arts, Culture, & Humanities

  • To provide artisically excellent programming to diverse audiences in its home city of Charlotte, the Southeast, and varied communities it serves while on tour

  • To promote the arts in Union County as an essential component of community life.

  • Enrich the cultural life of youth and adults in the community by developing the visual arts providing scholarship, instruction, and working space so artists can further develop their talents.

  • McColl Center champions contemporary artists and sparks creativity for positive community impact.

  • To promote the cultural arts in the Wake Forest Community and surrounding areas.

  • Upstairs Artspace is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to develop an understanding and appreciation of contemporary art and craft forms through exhibits, programs, and educational activities that enrich the cultural life of the region.

  • To promote the cultural arts.

  • To teach choral music to youth in the Durham NC community and to share their talents via public performance.

  • To establish a museum and interpretive center to provide education about the old Sunset Beach Bridge and to celebrate the history and culture of Sunset Beach.

  • To promote and preserve the art and history of quilts through education of its members, and to inspire community involvement.

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