B - Educational

  • Durham CARES mission is to heal and transform the lives of impoverished Black children by recruiting, training, and mobilizing caring Black
    men and women to mentor and care for them. We connect mentors to local youth-serving organizations.

  • Natural Math Alliance places the maker approach at the center of its mathematics education philosophy. Our motto is “Math is what you make it.” We are a community of volunteer mathematicians of all ages, from toddlers to retirees, both professional and amateur. There are sixty-three major areas of mathematics identified in the International Mathematical Subject Classification. Most people never learn that most of these treasures exist; never get a chance to use mathematics for everyday applications, personal delight, and professional opportunities.

  • To provide pre-K through grade 6 education.

  • The Castalia STEAM Outdoor Center is a space for teaching, learning, and inspiring connections to nature, STEM, and the arts. The center is a living classroom where experiences in the forest and workshops forge connections between people, communities, and the environment.
    Our programs and practices embody experiential sustainability and artistic expression. The STEAM center is designed to cultivate a sense of wonder through inspiring artistic activities; freedom through hands-on skill-building; and confidence through positive STEAM experiences.

  • The mission of Gardner-Webb University is to prepare graduates for leadership and service in their professional careers and in their personal lives. Rigorous and innovative degree programs, combined with distinctive experiential learning opportunities, shape students into thinkers, doers, and world-changers. Forged within a supportive and diverse Christian community, our students emerge ready to impact their chosen professions, equipped with the skills to advance the frontiers of knowledge, and inspired to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of others.
  • To serve as a community that encourages entrepreneurship and financial literacy among elementary school kids and their responsible adults through education, exposure, and resources, to build generational wealth.

  • Pathway Community Foundation is a leading nonprofit organization committed to leveraging technology to drive change within Historically Black College and University (HBCU) communities. We aim to develop vibrant technology and economic ecosystems within HBCU communities. Our core interest is Tier 2 - Tier 4 cities where HBCUs are located.

  • The mission of the Lenoir Community College Foundation is to secure resources that increase financial assistance to students, improve educational programs, and provide ongoing support to modernize and expand facilities at Lenoir Community College.

  • Lee County Fine Arts, Inc., a nonmembership nonprofit organization in Sanford NC, fosters a thriving visual arts community in Lee County that educates and benefits the Central North Carolina region.

    We promote the creative growth of artists, arts tourism, and a showcase of North Carolina-based visual arts. LCFA is currently seeking space to open a fine art gallery in Sanford, NC.

  • Family Reading Partners is a research-informed program where trained early literacy mentors model reading and conversational techniques for parents that nurture brain development, language acquisition, and the social/emotional health of their children during the critical growth years from birth to five years. We encourage daily book sharing by providing high quality children’s books for families to read and keep at home with the goal that the children are “ready-to-read” when they enter kindergarten.

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