Organizational Development

  • This session aims to help organizations that are growing or planning to grow avoid common pitfalls and build a people-centered operations foundation that supports sustainable organizational growth.
  • Going Forward: Best Practices and Considerations for Nonprofit Re-Engagement was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, who generously shared it to meet the needs of other state associations.

  • Participants from a recent series of the EDI Roundtables for Nonprofit Executives share their key takeaways and honest feedback to consider along the EDI journey.
  • It can be helpful to take a few minutes at the beginning of each new year to reflect on and share challenges and achievements so we can recommit to our work going forward.
  • What does it mean for employers to be neuro-inclusive? Join this interactive training that will give participants concrete parameters to improve their neuro-cultural competency. This will include accessibility-related aspects of recruitment and hiring, workplace environment, training and supervision, and workplace communication. Participants will leave with specific, actionable steps to improve the accessibility and neuro-inclusiveness of their organizations.
  • The purpose of this workshop is to help newly established and potential nonprofit founders gather information needed to make an informed decision on how to move their charitable missions forward.
  • This webinar will equip attendees with the knowledge and skills to lead change with confidence.
  • In 2023, 30% of employees in the U.S. reported being burned out “very often” or “always” at work. Quiet quitting is on the rise. We need engaged leaders who know how to balance head with heart.

    Being a Kind Boss isn’t about playing nice or not hurting feelings. Kindness is “having, showing or proceeding from benevolence.” Nice is a feeling. Kindness is an action. Kindness is collaborating with others to make the working world less awful.

  • In today's rapidly advancing digital age, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping industries, and the nonprofit sector is no exception. Whether you're new to AI or looking to optimize its application, this session offers insights into how nonprofits can harness this technology to further their cause, optimize resources, and foster meaningful connections. Join us to:

  • What does your organization’s current financial close process look like? Whether you scramble every month or feel like things run smoothly, it’s helpful to pay attention to certain key areas.

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