Empowering Nonprofits: Integrating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) into Management

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Lisa Reid, Chief Learning Officer, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

At the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits, we believe in creating inclusive spaces where everyone feels valued and heard. That's why we embarked on our third transformative journey through our EDI Roundtables for Nonprofit Executives. This 5-part series aimed to integrate equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) principles into five crucial areas of nonprofit management: board governance, human resources, fundraising, partnerships & collaboration, and visioning.

Here are key takeaways from our discussions:

  • In creating a vision for our organizations’ futures, we must incorporate EDI principles into our strategic planning processes to ensure that our organizations remain adaptable, responsive, and relevant.
  • When we invite diverse perspectives to the decision-making table and foster inclusive board practices, we ensure that our leadership reflects the communities we serve, leading to more robust decision-making and innovative solutions.
  • An inclusive workplace creates a culture where all employees feel respected and valued. From recruitment practices to performance evaluations, it’s significant to implement equitable policies and procedures to foster a sense of belonging among our staff.
  • EDI principles have a profound impact on fundraising efforts. Diversifying fundraising strategies and engaging with a broader range of donors can lead to increased support and sustainability for our organization's mission.
  • Collaboration lies at the heart of nonprofit work, and embracing EDI principles strengthens these partnerships. By intentionally seeking out diverse partners and centering equity in our collaborations, we amplify our collective impact and drive meaningful change in our communities.

Participants also gave us honest feedback to consider and incorporate as each of our organizations continue our EDI journeys.


How do we get to equity?
By being bold
Having the courage to speak out
Welcome space to talk and give encouragement

What does equity look like in the future?
Changing from doing for the people to doing by the people
Being in space where others can be “called in”

How do you apply EDI in your day to day?
By being curious, humble listening, being nonjudgmental
Be a warm dissenter
Engaging board members
Having more intentional partnerships

As we reflect on the journey of this EDI Roundtable series, we're inspired by the passion and dedication of our nonprofit community. Thank you to the City of Raleigh for partnering with us and bringing several nonprofits into and along the journey. We look forward to continuing this important work and shaping a future where equity, diversity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords but guiding principles that drive meaningful change.

Stay tuned for updates and resources as we continue to champion EDI in nonprofit management.

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