• Messaging is a powerful skill set for nonprofit staff, boards, and volunteers. If we want community members to engage in our mission, volunteers to serve, and donors to increase giving, we must first give them more. Strategic messaging has the power to motivate people into action. As fundraisers, it is easy to develop “asking tunnel vision.” But at the end of the day, we are asking other people to volunteer time or part with their hard-earned money. How do we pair direct mail opportunities and best practices with a powerful message to build organizational capacity and stability?

  • Do you feel like your current donors are getting “burned out?” Are you ready to expand your support base through direct mail campaigns? If you answered “yes” to either of the questions above, join Funding for Good for the dos and don’ts of direct mail campaigns.

  • Arthur Alley consultants have been on the forefront of the not-for-profit sector for decades.

    Search Solutions: Your budget is unique. You can expect Arthur Alley to have a solution for your search needs regardless of the level of position you seek to fill. Our years of experience have garnered relationships with 100’s of organizations -all primed as a wealth of networking opportunities.
  • In today's rapidly advancing digital age, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping industries, and the nonprofit sector is no exception. Whether you're new to AI or looking to optimize its application, this session offers insights into how nonprofits can harness this technology to further their cause, optimize resources, and foster meaningful connections. Join us to:

  • Effective fundraising is the lifeblood of any nonprofit, and it all starts with a compelling message that resonates with your supporters. This presentation goes beyond the basics, focusing on three key elements:

  • Fundraising in Tough Times (Standford Social Innovation Review) outlines ways organizations can minimize the impacts of economically/financially lean times and preserve their capacity for renewed growth once economic conditions improve.

  • You don't have to do it all yourself. By fully defining your funding needs, I will create a structure to search for and qualify funding partners that will be excited to support your work. Complex applications or eloquently crafted letters of request all flow from your purpose.
  • Fundraising should be easy, and it should work. But most nonprofit leaders struggle to come up with an effective fundraising strategy. They spend a ton of money on websites that don’t bring in new donors. They need to send fundraising emails, but are not sure where to start. When leads slow down, they’re at a loss for how to get them going again. The secret to solving these problems is an email marketing funnel.

    Participants will learn practical and realistic tips on:

  • Considering a capital campaign? Where do you start? Start by asking and answering six vital questions designed to prepare your nonprofit to enter the process. Designed for executive directors, development leaders and board members, this session will allow you to consider the questions for your own organization while exploring real-world examples from professionals with more than 18 years of capital campaign fundraising experience.

  • Are you a nonprofit trying to fundraise? You have a board – and believe it or not, your board should function as a fundraising machine. If it runs more like a college clunker than a luxury sedan, join this webinar to learn to:

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