• Participants from a recent series of the EDI Roundtables for Nonprofit Executives share their key takeaways and honest feedback to consider along the EDI journey.
  • The Nonprofit Hiring Toolkit: How to find and hire the best talent gives a thorough outline of all stages of the hiring process, with tips for using social media to attract talent, sample interview questions, and the importance of employee agreements. The kit also has sample job descriptions for Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, plus various communications, development, and program positions. (

  • “Our policies and practices in the nonprofit sector must change to promote and reflect the leadership diversity of our communities, and to ensure these leaders are supported and not pushed out from systemic inequities.” –Jeanne Tedrow, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

  • Jeanne Tedrow, President & CEO, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

  • Do you know how to argue in the right way? Conflict in the workplace is natural – even necessary. Colleagues who challenge one another’s thinking tend to consider a richer range of options, which ultimately leads to better business decisions. This webinar, based on research by Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Jean L. Kahwayjy, and L.J. Bourgeois published in Harvard Business Review, reveals the six tactics managers can use to ensure that healthy conflict doesn’t turn personal and unproductive, focusing on conflict, decision-making, leadership, and managing people.

  • Jeanne Tedrow, President & CEO, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

    In the best of times, organizations will identify and implement best practices for human resources and personnel management. These practices evolve and adapt to meet the needs of the nonprofit as it builds, thrives, and sustains itself over time. Following these practices helps nonprofits offer our employees and volunteers an optimal working environment.

  • These resources offer tips, guides, samples, and case studies to aid organizations in effective succession planning and executive transitions.

  • "ts governance™ was designed to help executive directors, board members, and senior staff manage cyber risk within nonprofit organizations. The introduction helps nonprofit leaders understand the risk landscape and their role in managing cyber risk, part one explains how to lead the organization toward an improved cybersecurity posture, and part two introduces The National Institute of Standards and Technology's Cybersecurity Framework1, which is a widely used, free methodology for managing cybersecurity."


  • Jeanne Canina Tedrow, President & CEO, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

    Happy New Year – 2019!

  • Do you ever get the feeling that the behavior of your board is cyclical? Miriam Wood asked the same question nearly 20 years ago, and answered, "Yes." In this archival classic from the Spring 2011 issue of Nonprofit Quarterly, Julia Classen digs in to see to see if Wood's assertion holds true despite the exponential growth, increased professionalism, and an explosion in academic research in the sector. (Nonprofit Quarterly, 2018)

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