• Going Forward: Best Practices and Considerations for Nonprofit Re-Engagement was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, who generously shared it to meet the needs of other state associations.

  • How can you optimize your audit? We will provide a deep dive into the audit process and how non profits can prepare for their audit as efficiently and effectively as possible. This program will help streamline your back of house operations so that resources can remain focused on the non profits core mission.

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  • Nonprofit Cost Analysis Toolkit: Six Steps to Finding the True Costs of Programs asserts that an "effective true-cost analysis accurately allocates direct as well as indirect costs across focus areas such as programs, geographic sites or particular products, allowing nonprofit leaders to make more informed decisions about strategy and funding." The guide's steps are to first determine the scope of the analysis to be conducted, g

  • New Attitudes, Old Practices: The Provision of Multiyear General Operating Support makes the case that "multiyear general operating support (GOS) provides nonprofits with the flexibility to use funds to fulfill their missions and the ability to plan for the long-term sustainability of their organizations, programs, and services" and should become a standard grantmaking practice.

  • With program demands and financial stresses on nonprofits likely to increase in 2021, how can public and private partnerships work better together to support fragile nonprofit operations and disrupted service delivery systems caused by COVID-19?  How can they complement and leverage each other’s resources to strengthen nonprofits’ capacity to continue to deliver vital services? This workshop will explore the opportunities and challenges of these partnerships to support the nonprofit sector in the new world order.

  • Kathy Ridge, Founder and CEO, LevRidge Resources, LLC

    We now know a single vaccine will not instantly obliterate the COVID virus. Instead, we must depend on personal behaviors, along with contact tracing and vaccines, to decrease infection rates. As organizations face an unknown future, how do we plan, prepare, and organize for the ‘lost horizon’ that is 2021 and the post-virus world?

    You don’t need a new strategic plan – you need a short-term business plan based on what you do know to get through the next 18 months and develop more resiliency.

  • COVID-19 has upended all of our carefully constructed strategies and plans for 2020. As nonprofit leaders, the critical and unprecedented task before us is to ensure that we are continuing to fulfill our missions by:

  • This article details the importance of having a process in place for recruiting and orienting new board members. By following this process, it becomes evident that recruiting board members is much like hiring a staff position. Orientation is crucial to an effective board and this article dives into what that process could look like. (Free Management Library)

    Recruiting and Orienting New Members

  • Thinking ahead is key to an organization's effectiveness. Answer these key questions around strategic, operational, and evaluation planning to maximize your resources and achieve your organizational goals.

    Common Ground is a publication of the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.

  • Sample job description for Manager of Finance and Administration.

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